luke garrett

Luke Garrett

Leaving Us To Say Goodbye

(The Final Sessions)

About the EP:

Ironically, it was a heart attack that prompted our return to the studio to begin working together on a new recording after more than 20 years. In February 2015, Luke telephoned me to check on my wife, who had suffered a heart attack a few weeks earlier. After a while the conversation led to talk of our work, and Luke confessed he was ready to do another recording.

We went into the studio on July 23, 2015, recording four introspective songs with just Luke and piano. In the months that followed, we tracked an additional eight songs with rhythm, orchestra and background vocals. Little did we know Luke would only complete those first four recordings. Sadly, just two weeks before we were to record his final vocal tracks, Luke suffered a fatal heart attack.

I do not understand why the Lord chose to take Luke from us so soon. But I am thankful I had the opportunity to work once more with this amazing musician before he left us to be with Jesus.

Robert Sterling

Hear the Compilation

I can’t count the number of times I stood on stage with Luke in rehearsals and concerts, and was moved to tears. He was the most authentic and spontaneous singer I’ve ever worked with. He had a big voice, but he had an even bigger heart.
—Karla Worley (songwriter, recording artist, author)

About the downloads:

The EP: The EP contains five individual recordings (mp3 files): Luke’s final four songs, along with a memorial song for Luke, written and performed by Robert Sterling. Also included are liner notes (PDF) containing session photos, song lyrics, credits, and testimonials from some of Luke’s closest musician friends.

Download the EP

The Piano/Vocal Sheet Music: All five songs from the EP are included in the piano/vocal folio (PDF). The transcriptions are faithful to the spirit of Luke’s recordings, edited to the degree necessary to be more readily performed by us normal folks.

Download Piano / Vocal Sheet Music

The Performance Trax: These are Luke’s actual studio Performance Trax (mp3) from the EP. They can be purchased individually, and each comes with a vocal lead line music page (PDF).

Download “And So We Sing”

Download “Church”

Download “Let Us Not Forget”

Download “Love Alone”

Direct from Gumroad: All the downloads from Luke’s EP are delivered to your computer directly from a service called Gumroad, which is also the billing name that will appear on your credit card statement.

About Luke

Luke sang with us on nearly every recording project we did. But it was more than music. The Lord knit our hearts together like family.  He was an artist and a brother in every sense of the word.
—Chris & Diane Machen (songwriters, recording artists)

I always appreciated Luke and his incredible voice. He had a way of communicating a lyric as well as I’ve ever heard.
—Regi Stone (worship leader & songwriter)

I will always remember Luke for his incredible raw vocal talent, perhaps the best in Christian music.
—Paul Smith (songwriter, recording artist)

When I had the joy of accompanying Luke, it was the rare pleasure of two musicians in sync trying together to joyfully express the depth and richness of the music and the text. He had such a warm, bold, and beautiful talent.
—David Hamilton (composer, arranger, pianist)

Our names may have appeared together on by-lines, but Luke’s well is where the songs lived. I just brought up the bucket. I sure do miss my friend.
—Mike Harland (songwriter, Director of Lifeway Worship)

On these four new recordings, you will hear Luke at his interpretive best. I have listened to the mixes dozens of times, and I hear new revelations Luke tucked away in his performances each time I listen.
—Robert Sterling (songwriter, producer)